Digitwirl: e-Readers Compared (and a bonus Nook hack!)

This week’s Twirl is like a Tale of Two Ians. First, Carley talks to Ian Manheimer at Measy about how to select the right e-reader. Meanwhile, my friend Ian posted a video today showing how he hacked his Nook e-reader into a full-fledged tablet.

Double the fun!

Let’s start with Carley and the e-reader video. After watching this week’s episode, I checked out Measy.com and I have to say: it’s pretty rad. I can’t tell you how many times my relatives have called for advice on which camera, computer, phone or tablet to buy. Heck, sometimes our readers ask us the same questions! The problem is, the answer varies widely, depending on what your needs are. Measy aims to solve this problem by asking you a few simple questions (including budget and any brand preferences), and then suggesting products that meet your need. Brilliant! If you’re looking for a new tech gadget, give it a test drive.

Below Carley’s latest Twirl, I posted a bonus video from my friend Ian. Earlier today, he posted an ecstatic update on Facebook about how he had hacked his Nook into an Android tablet. What the what?! He later posted a video tour of his awesomely hacked device.

If you want the functionality of an iPad-like device at a price that can’t be beat ($250) — you might want to consider this. He swears it only took about 10 minutes (and has promised to post an instructional video soon). You’d certainly earn your Geek Girls Guide badge for hacking a Nook, so let us know if you try it!


e-Readers Compared (with help from Measy.com)

Carley’s found the best website for when you’re looking to fall in love…with a gadget. This week’s Twirl introduces you to Ian Manheimer, the mega-brain behind Measy.com.

Listen in as Ian helps Carley understand the somewhat confusing world of new e-readers. Is the Nook’s color screen a better choice than the Kindle’s crisp E Ink black and white one? Is bigger better? And wait ’til you see how Measy’s online quiz makes it easy to compare tons of electronic products so that you find the one that meets all your needs. Kind of like a dating site, but without all the awkward happy hours.

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BONUS: From Nook to Tablet in 10 Minutes?

Bonus! Just as I was posting Carley’s latest episode, my friend Ian posted a video tour of his recently-hacked Nook. Check out the below video to see how he’s got the Nook acting like an e-Reader AND a full-fledged tablet! Move over, iPad…this baby looks pretty sweet.

He’s promised a follow-up video with a step-by-step demonstration of how he did it. I’ll post it as soon as I see it!