Podcast #49: Social Fitness

Carol Cantwell is the founder of Fun With Financials, a company that teaches non-profit organizations practices that support informed financial decisions. She’s also a recent convert to exercise, specifically running. Carol popped by the studio (via Skype) this week to discuss some of the social fitness apps that helped her go from a person who could barely run a mile to someone who will be running the Boston Marathon in a few months.

Originally, we had planned on recording this podcast and putting it up around the first of the year. We figured that listeners might have set some New Year’s resolutions to get healthy or exercise more and, in turn, could be extra-inspired to maintain those goals by listening to this podcast. Well, things happen, podcast recordings get rescheduled and now the podcast is going up several weeks after everyone has forgotten that they had even made any New Year’s resolutions.

<sad trombone>

Let’s take this half-empty glass and fill it up a little bit, shall we? It’s time to get re-inspired to get healthy this year. Is a New Month’s resolution a thing? It is now.

Do you have suggestions for some other social fitness apps or sites that we missed in the podcast? Leave a comment, letting us know which ones have helped you the most.

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