Podcast #1: The Dark Side of Online Reputation Management

In our first podcast (running time: 14 minutes and 44 seconds), we explore the dark side of online reputation management. Or, what to do when someone is posting mean things about you online. Think that kind of stuff only happens in high school? Think again.

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Overview & Links

No time to listen? Seriously? It’s less than 15 minutes! But, fine. Here are the highlights:

1. Google yourself. Make sure you know what comes up when people look you up.

2. If the results aren’t what you like, get involved in the conversation about the brand called you. Start actively posting content to drown out what you don’t like.

3. Contact the sites that contain the slanderous material to see if it can be removed. Sites are maintained by people, after all. Try getting in touch with some of them.

4. If all else fails, do your legal homework. Check out the following links about the online defamation act:

This podcast was recorded in Nancy’s kitchen using the Snowflake microphone that Meghan’s husband bought as a come-on-girls-start-recording-a-podcast-already gift. Theme music provided by our friend and colleague, the talented Michael Koppelman. Yay for the Geek Girls Men’s Auxiliary!