The Kevyn Burger Show

We had the pleasure of appearing on FM107.1’s Kevyn Burger show this morning to talk about this site, and our upcoming Social Media 101: A Beginner Bootcamp seminar on June 22.

If you missed the show, you can listen to our segment by using the link below to download the mp3.

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Download the mp3 >

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It was fun talking to Kevyn, and we got to meet Sheletta, too (who is just as funny in person as she sounds on the radio).


We talked about a few things:

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Listen Up!

The Geek Girls are going to be on FM 107.1 again — this time, on the Kevyn Burger show.

Tune in this Thursday, June 18 at 9:15am to hear us talk with Kevyn and her co-host, Sheletta about…well, we don’t know. But, seeing as social media remains the hot topic of the day, we’re gonna bet that Twitter or Facebook will get a mention. We’ll also be giving away one free pass to Social Media Bootcamp on June 22. You can listen online here, and we’ll also post an audio clip here when we’re done.

In other news, we’re hard at work on new blog posts and podcasts. Stay tuned and, as always, let us know if you have any questions.

Welcome Lori & Julia Show Listeners!

Hey, you found us!  Welcome to the Geek Girls Guide: a safe space for you to ask all the questions you’re afraid to ask in a crowd.  If you found us because you were listening to the Lori & Julia Show today – great! I wanted to give you an idea of some of the things we’re planning to feature on the blog in the very near future.  So stay tuned, here’s what’s coming up:

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